A Guinness World Record For Rahul Gandhi?

Those who go with him will be reduced to ashes.

A senior youth Congress leader in Kerala has asked Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi to "quit", if he does not want to lead the party from the front.

Congress' general secretary in Uttar Pradesh Umesh Pandit said Priyanka must be elevated, while Rahul must be held accountable for the party's drubbing in UP assembly polls.

Pointing out that the state Congress, under its president Raj Babbar, held day-long discussions in Lucknow with its UP unit leaders to review the results, Punia said, "Whatever has happened is nothing to be proud of".

In a weird move, Vishal has requested to enlist Rahul Gandhi's name in the Guinness Book of World Records!

But now, he is facing yet another indignity: an engineering student from Madhya Pradesh has submitted Rahul's name to the Guinness Book of World Records for losing as many as 27 elections in the past five years. The party won seven out of 105 seats it contested in Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections.

He even paid the enrollment fees for the registration after which he received the confirmation of acceptance of his application.

Confidence in Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi's leadership qualities has dipped to such a low that party leaders are now openly venting their frustration. This time Rahul has been into the limelight for a completely unique reason.

  • Leroy Wright