What's Cooking Ranbir? Watch Barfi Star In Deep Conversation With Mahira

Now, the two shared the same platform at a recent event: the Global Teacher Prize event in Dubai. This unlikely yet so attractive pairing with the duo indulging in some backstage shenanigans is taking the internet by storm. However, nearing the end of the video, Mahira and Ranbir appear to bump into each other.

Ranbir and Mahira attended the Global Teachers Prize Event very glamorously, Mahira in a Faraz Manans red avatar and Ranbir in black tuxedo paired with a bow tie and white shirt. A few have even gone ahead to suggest that this interaction between Ranbir and Mahira could possibly be a part of some act. Both Mahira and Ranbir has not worked together till now. Neither of the actors has yet responded after this video went viral. Mahira's gestures in the video have started the wheels in our mind, leading us to think what she is actually trying to convey.

But then, another video surfaced that went on to make the social media netizens wonder what the topic of conversation was?

Bollywood fans would have been delighted to see the Raees actress as she has hardly made any appearance after the movie with Bollywood stars.

Ranbir, has several interesting films in his kitty, at present it is Jagga Jasoos by Anurag Basu whereas Mahira has recently starred in the movie "Raees" with co-star Shahrukh Khan.

  • Zachary Reyes