Sniper Elite 4 gets a new mini-campaign next week

Sniper Elite 4 launched to warm reviews less than a month ago-Tyler described it as a "hearty improvement" over its forerunner-however developer Rebellion Developments has now announced the tactical shooter's first portion of DLC-the multi-chaptered Deathstorm.

This is a new mini-campaign, which arrives on Tuesday 21 March, and includes Deathstorm Part 1: Inception. Sniper Elite 4 features dedicated campaign, co-op and adversarial multiplayer modes.

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In Part 1: Inception, Karl must infiltrate the Rocca sul Mare naval base in the chillier climes of northern Italy, targeted in a recent bombing run yet still under tremendous Nazi guard.

The focus of the three-part series lies on the Manhattan Project - the United States helmed initiative in World War II centered on developing nuclear weapons - and a package labeled Deathstorm that somehow ties into the real-world invention of weapons of mass destruction.

The free multiplayer mode is Elimination, a two-team setup accommodating as many as 12 players.

Also included in next week's update, and available through the Season Pass, is the Night Fighter Expansion Pack, which includes three new weapons, night-time camouflage rifle skins for eight weapons, and two new characters.

The multiplayer add-ons are free for all players. If one of your teammates gets taken out, you'll have to eliminate another player to bring them back into the game, until the enemy - or your team - are whittled down to nothing. So even when it's six versus one in Elimination, one kill can turn everything upside down!

Sniper Elite 4 is available for play on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Free multiplayer content is also arriving, with a new game mode and map.

  • Arturo Norris