Roanoke man arrested after making bomb threat at White House

On Saturday, a Secret Service spokesperson had simply said they had detained a man and that his vehicle was "declared suspicious".

"In accordance with proper protocols, Secret Service personnel increased their posture of readiness", the statement said.

Officials have not yet confirmed whether there was, in fact, a device in the auto, but security at the White House was immediately escalated. The individual was apprehended before reaching the White House fence along Pennsylvania Avenue.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer tweeted about the incident and praised the Secret Service for their response.

Chaffetz dubbed the incident "a total and complete embarrassment".

The man was behind an auxiliary security barrier that stands in front of the fence that encloses the White House grounds. The driver was arrested and taken into custody.

Security at the White House has been upgraded and local roads were closed as police check the vehicle for explosives.

Reports say Secret Service officers tackled the intruder and arrested him within two minutes.

A man has been detained after jumping a bike rack near the White House fence. Police report the man was yelling incoherently.

A week ago, a man breached the White House grounds, claiming to be a friend of Trump, and was on the grounds for more than 15 minutes. During his time in office, spikes were added to the top of the fence around the White House, and the fence itself was strengthened.

"The secret service did a fantastic job, it was a troubled person", he said. He was able to elude multiple layers of security before being stopped near the entrance at the South Portico. He was charged with entering or remaining in restricted grounds while using or carrying a unsafe weapon.

President Trump was note home at the time of the incident.

  • Leroy Wright