Richard Hammond 'injured in motorbike crash'

"He really did hurt himself quite badly", Grand Tour and former Top Gear co-host Jeremy Clarkson told The Sun, in reference to the motorbike crash which took place in a remote area of Mozambique, some distance from medical aid.

Writing on his blog, he said: "Thanks for enquiries re my slight shunt whilst filming for GT".

Co-star Jeremy Clarkson said he was "hurt quite badly" but when the team were asked if Hammond needed to go to hospital Clarkson reportedly said: "We don't do hospitals". "But life goes on".

Despite the seriousness of the incident, footage of the crash is expected to feature in the second season of The Grand Tour, due for release later this year.

The father-of-two has since made a full recovery and is "back to jokes and banter" with Clarkson, 57, and James May, 54, but the incident caused huge concern among the Amazon show's crew.

The Sun reports that The Hamster, 47, came off a motorbike and hit his head, rendering him unconscious in a crash that caused immediate panic on the set.

'If his injuries had been serious it wouldn't have been easy to get medical attention.

The source at The Grand Tour added: "The lads are known for having a laugh on set but Richard's previous accident is fresh in their minds".

The presenter was in a coma for two weeks in 2006, after a jet-powers auto he was testing for the show crashed.

Hammond sustained life-threatening head injuries and brain damage 11 years ago after being involved in a 288mph crash as he filmed a stunt for BBC's Top Gear.

  • Salvatore Jensen