Paige and mother address photo leaks

The Brit also confirmed over the weekend that her private photos were stolen and shared without her consent.

But it doesn't matter to the company because there's a risk that she'll be fired regardless of whether it was an accident or on objective, which is causing an outrage amongst the Diva's fans. She adds that Paige is at no fault for what happened. One explicit shot appears to show a sex act having been performed on the NXT Champion belt.

Saraya Knight (real name Julia Hamer-Bevis), herself a former professional wrestler, and her husband plan to support Paige as she endures this controversy.

But according to the latest WWE news from Forbes, many WWE fans are so disgusted with Paige that they want her fired. As previously seen with other superstars, WWE views their stars as the victims in these instances.

One can only hope that the Paige and Woods won't be punished by WWE given that the images leaked only due to a hack. But given the precedent of leaked photo and video scandals in WWE alone, hiding behind the excuse of privacy simply doesn't cut it anymore.

So, how should the WWE handle it?

Gorgeous WWE grappler Paige is in the centre of a firestorm over photos and video of a threesome she allegedly had with two male wrestlers. While it's unknown at this time whether or not the Paige hack was related to the celebrity hack, Emma Watson has publicly noted she will be taking legal action.

According to the outlet, the company is handling it the way they should be: by treating the superstars as the victims of a crime.

If you're a celebrity in 2017 with a smartphone, you play by a whole new set of rules where nothing is private and the cloud is not your friend.

However, as claimed to be intimate and nude pics, none of the leaked photos had anything as embarrassing or contained shocking material as the WWE fans would have thought it to be.

  • Salvatore Jensen