Lynch, Sherman rumors overshadow Seahawks signings

Marshawn Lynch didn't play a year ago after retiring, but the Oakland Raiders are interested in talking him into coming back and playing for them.

So is Beast Mode coming back? There is one team that has high interest in him, the Oakland Raiders.

What that act actually means is up to speculation.

Seattle played in the Super Bowl twice, winning once, during Lynch's time there. If the Seahawks release Lynch outright, he'd be able to sign directly with the Raiders or any other team without any parameters. But I'm told he didn't ask the Seahawks' decision makers or anyone of authority for anything that would back rumors he wants to return to playing - and that his hometown Oakland Raiders are talking to him about him playing for them. Lynch would be, according to letter of the league's collective bargaining agreement, subject to paying back the 2016 proration on that signing bonus, a sum of $2.5 million for the season he was "retired".

If he stays retired, Lynch will finish his nine-year National Football League career with 9,112 rushing yards and 74 touchdowns in 127 games, and another 1,979 receiving yards and nine TDs. Which camera do you want me to look into? Second, the Seahawks have to decide whether they'd release Lynch from the contract they still retain despite his retirement.

The Seahawks still own Lynch's rights since he walked away after the 2015 season with two years remaining on his contract. And his report was corroborated by NFL Network's Mike Garafolo.

While Marshawn Lynch remains retired, it was reported this week that the Oakland Raiders are considering acuqiring the former Pro Bowl running back. After losing Latavius Murray to free agency, the Raiders aren't likely to leave things to DeAndre Washington and Jalen Richard.

For his career, Lynch has rushed for 9,112 yards with 74 touchdowns. It could be a win-win scenario, but there is also no indication that the front offices of either franchise would be interested in making a deal like this one.

"I'm done. I'm not playing football anymore", Lynch said, per the Associated Press.

  • Salvatore Jensen