Looks like Game Freak is hiring for a Pokemon Switch game

New job postings from Pokemon developer Game Freak, as translated by Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft, lends credence to reports from a year ago that a new version of the most recent entries in the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Sun and Moon, will be coming to the Switch under the title Pokemon Star.

"He also started directing main series Pokemon games starting with fire red and leaf green".

New job listings for 3D CG designers and character modelers have been added to the Game Freak page, leading many to speculate what this could mean for the next Pokémon game.

Is Pokemon coming to Nintendo Switch? Whether the ads are for the same game or not is unclear.

Apparently the successful applicant will be tasked with creating "cartoon-like super deformed characters, monsters, and item models" as well as debugging and whatnot.

While the ad never mentions Pokemon, it goes on to say, "It's a title that just about anyone knows, a proposal that could be your future career".

The second Game Freak job listing doesn't refer to an RPG, but it's a similar job description to the 3D CG designer.

The Pokemon Company confirmed as early as September that it had plans to support Switch, and last month, CEO, Tsunekazu Ishihara, spoke about how it will approach the highly anticipated console. Both contracts are projected to last until May 2018 at the latest. However, Nintendo's yet to confirm the reports. A brand new Pokemon game doesn't seem too unreasonable for that time frame, does it?

  • Arturo Norris