Key witness could take stand at Hernandez trial

The incident that prosecutors say led National Football League star Aaron Hernandez to shoot and kill two Boston clubgoers was little more than a "splash" of a drink and a smirk, a former friend of Hernandez testified on Monday.

Alexander Bradley, a former drug dealer and friend of Hernandez, was seen together with the former New England Patriot the night Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado were shot and killed in Boston in July 2012. Bradley received immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony at this trial.

Hernandez is already serving life for a 2013 murder. De Abreu laughed and smirked, Bradley said, before Hernandez turned angrily toward him.

Haggan warned jurors Bradley is no choir boy. Bradley said he and Hernandez jumped into their Toyota 4Runner and sped up to de Abreu's auto before Hernandez allegedly fired five deadly shots.

After their stint at Caprice Lounge, they went back to the Toyota 4Runner, where Bradley said Hernandez retrieved a gun from inside the hood. Bradley then said the two drove to a house belonging to the mother of his daughter, where Hernandez pointed out the shooting on the news. The concoction of paranoia and anger was a frequent pattern with Hernandez, according to Bradley. The civil action was settled past year short of trial.

Hernandez's former drug dealer takes the stand today.

However, Bradley said Hernandez remained upset and would say things like people always think they can "play him" and continued to get more angry. Because no gunshot residue was recovered from around the driver's seat, they contend it's more likely the killer had his arm extended out the driver's window.

As they were lined up with the auto, Bradley said Hernandez told him to roll down the window.

As they pulled up next to the BMW, Bradley claims Hernandez said, "Yo", to get the occupants attention and then yelled once more before he started firing five rounds into the BMW.

After visiting two clubs and leaving soon after, Bradley said the pair drove around in laps, parked near the clubs, and wandered around Tremont Street's nightlife some more before Hernandez spotted the man, with his four friends, that he believed "tried" him earlier in the night.

Instead, he said, Hernandez told him to roll down the window, shouted at the men, and fired five shots. He said they smoked marijuana and drank, then left to go to Club Cure in Boston, with Bradley driving the SUV.

"'See? See?'" Bradley remembers Hernandez asking him. He recalled the two panicking, driving around aimlessly toward the highway before Hernandez entered a Global Positioning System location on his phone. Bradley says Hernandez took the revolver he had placed in the vehicle earlier in the night.

Months later, in February 2013, Bradley said Hernandez bought him a one-way ticket to Florida to attend a Super Bowl party.

Later that night, Bradley rode home from the bar with Hernandez and other passengers, and they got into a heated argument, he testified. Two additional passengers walked away without injury.

  • Leroy Wright