James Corden performs "Beauty and the Beast" in a crosswalk

This new live-action film is set to bring Disney's animated classic to life, but just how accurate was Disney's story to begin with? Despite all the energy they expend in their frenzied Busby Berkeley-inspired rendition of "Be Our Guest", the animated version far exceeds it in a quality even a $160 million budget can't buy: charm. He lends his melted-chocolate voice to the role as well as the melancholic new song Evermore, manipulating his face and expressions to perfectly work some fantastic CGI creature animation. We are all too familiar with Belle's iconic song, "Little Town", but now the Beast is belting out one of his own.

"Whenever you take on one of Disney's most beloved stories, the stakes, we know, are quite high, and so are the expectations", Iger said at the meeting.

15 Movies Turning 10 In 2017! This adaptation feels both old and new and is well worth a watch for all audiences, especially fans of the original. Introducing Maestro Cadenza, a musician who becomes a harpsichord grand piano in the film. This has generated a ton of free press for the film in the past week, while losing what is likely a small portion of ticket sales for a film that is projected to be one of the biggest grossing hits of the year. "I said yes of course ... as long as I don't have to sing", he said on "Good Morning America".

"With the expected monster opening of Beauty and the Beast and the excitement that has surrounded the film, they are already considering a sequel to be released around 2019 or 2020", said a source.

Tucci didn't get a break completely, as he does end up singing a few lines. Be our guest, performed by the film's personified objects in a part-Broadway-part-burlesque style, is nearly psychedelic but a definite thrill.

Fellow Brit Stevens, who pretended to be nervous ahead of his crosswalk performance as The Beast, added, "That was the most invigorating thing I've ever done", after performing the film's main theme with Corden as Belle. It still doesn't answer other questions, though, such as: what the f**k is the Beast's name?

You get the distinct sense the people who made this movie anticipated releasing it during a new Clinton era - that the barbs thrown at women are meant to resonate with that in mind. Grab your tissues for that scene. Kids will see a boorish aristocrat transform into a beast.

It is insane to me that this movie is coming to life and I know that seeing it will transport me back to my childhood.

Gaston, who is played by Luke Evans, is the character everyone loves to hate.

The live-action musical opens in 4,210 theaters in the United States and Canada this Friday, including Premium Large Format and 3D locations. He leaves a major character for dead and turns on another. For the younger generation watching the live-action film, I appreciate the diversity in cast. Condon says as the filming process continued, there were moments he was anxious they weren't going to get there and finish. The rose that she leaves behind is a symbol of the curse - the Beast must find true love before all the petals fall.

  • Salvatore Jensen