Hezbollah: Israel Attacking Syria To Prevent ISIS Defeat

The Israel Defense Forces is not commenting on the alleged air strike, neither confirming nor denying the Syrian reports.

Russian Federation summoned the Israeli ambassador to demand an explanation for Israel's air raids in Syria last week, Moscow has confirmed, as an Israeli drone was blamed for the targeted killing of a senior pro-Assad fighter in a second reported incident. "Israel's security is above everything else; there will be no compromise", Lieberman said on Israeli public radio on Sunday. Syria claims their missiles downed one Israeli jet and hit another, which Israel rejected as "absolutely untrue".

Russian Federation has sent a clear message to Israel that the rules of the game have changed in Syria and its freedom to act in Syrian skies is over, Syria's ambassador to the United Nations said on Sunday night.

Between Thursday night and Friday morning, Israeli fighter jets attacked several targets in Syria, triggering the most serious clash between Israel and Syria since the civil war erupted six years ago.

Danon referred to the accusation by Syria's United Nations ambassador that Israel supports terrorism as "the peak of hypocrisy". It marked the first time Israel had used the Arrow missile, which has been jointly developed with the USA over years to defend against long-range missiles from Iran. Israel opposes Assad but has sought to avoid being dragged into the conflict.

He said he believed Assad responded more strongly this time because he feels increasingly confident.

"He is trying to change the rules".

President al-Assad said that the visits of the parliamentary delegations to Syria are very important, adding that what distinguishes this visit is that it is a joint delegation from Russian Federation and Europe and therefore it provides a useful opportunity for dialogue among parliamentarians about the polices of their countries toward events in Syria.

Israel seized most of the Golan Heights from Syria in the 1967 Six-Day War and annexed it in 1981, in a move never recognised by the global community.

  • Leroy Wright