Google Nexus 6: This Is Worse Than Goodbye!

App icon badges: On oldie that's been knocking around for years on iOS and some third-party launchers, this would bring at-a-glance waiting notification number bubbles to app icons on the homescreen, as a native Android feature.

Google might be planning a new, third Pixel device this year, if a recent leak is any indication. Android O will be Android 8.0, following Android Nougat which was Android 7.0. Also look for Android O to introduce adaptive app icons, or icons that dynamically change.

Dynamic icons that change are another of the features that have been mentioned in the report; And it is something that can now be found in the Pixel Launcher for Google Pixel smartphones. It will be nice to finally have the app icon badges showing up for the active notifications through the native Android operating system. We will have to wait to see what Google has prepared for this future Android system O. In regards to the name, many say it could be Android Oreo, although there is nothing official yet. It appears that Android O is going to have the ability to sync across all devices, which would really be nice. In fact, rumors and speculations about Android O's features have already started popping up all over the internet.

Another possible feature is picture-in-picture mode, something in the vein of Android TV.

Smart selection: Perhaps the most interesting and potentially useful teased feature, this would integrate with Google Assistant to scan app text, pre-emptively highlighting important information (like phone numbers and addresses) for more easy copy-and-pasting between apps and text entry fields. This feature would remember what you did last without messing with all of the text handles. There will be several other features added to Android O, including "tons of enterprise stuff", according to the rumor mill. If the latest reports are to be believed, we could see a change to the upcoming Google Pixel 2 where the tech giant will go back to its previous trend of increasing the screen size on the flagship. So far, Android 8.0 sounds like it will be bigger and better than Android Nougat.

  • Arturo Norris