Gas prices rise in the Bay Area

Billings- $2.34/g, up 1.3 cents per gallon from last week's $2.33/g.

One month ago, the area's average was $2.239, while a year ago it was $2.012.

AAA Texas on Thursday reported the statewide price at the pump was an average $2.09 per gallon. Rockford's average is $2.24, down a penny from last week. Naturally, when oil prices take a beating such as they did last week, one might expect gasoline prices to move in lockstep, but due the complex relationship of oil and gasoline prices and the middleman- USA refineries- motorists may not see as large a decline at the pump as they may hope for- but certainly stay tuned.

"Gas prices are falling now, but fundamentals are pointing higher", said Mark Jenkins, spokesman, AAA-The Auto Club Group. Drivers in Akron, Ohio, are paying about $2.10 a gallon, while West Virginia pumps are selling gas on average for $2.24.

Crude oil prices fell to a 2017 low of $47.72 last Tuesday, but they returned to almost $49 a barrel by the end of the week. The national average for regular unleaded is $2.29 per gallon.

Gas prices typically rise in the spring and summer months as driving increases and refineries switch to the summer-blend of cleaner-burning fuel in major cities.

  • Zachary Reyes