Driver of 'suspicious' vehicle sets off security alert at White House

Officials arrested a man after jumping over a bike rack on Pennsylvania Avenue "in an apparent attempt to get to the White House fence", around 12:43 p.m., according to a release from the Secret Service. Criminal charges are pending, it said.

Secret Service agents are angry over the breach, and believe they have been hindered by insufficient technology to detect intruders.

One person is in custody after a auto drove up to a White House checkpoint on Saturday night, the US Secret Service has said.

The man who jumped the White House fence last week was able to prowl around the property for almost 20 minutes, got right up to the White House, hid behind a pillar and even jiggled a doorknob trying to get in.

President Trump was in the White House on Saturday. It said officials have also reviewed video footage and radio transmissions to determine the timeline of events.

The Secret Service statement said "immediate steps" had been taken to tighten up security, including "additional posts, technology enhancements and response protocols". The "rack" Spicer referenced is a barrier lower than the spiked fence that marks the north side of the complex. And as officials took the man to the ground, he said "this is a test".

"That's why we spend billions of dollars on personnel and dogs and technologies and fences and undercover people and video surveillance", Mr Chaffetz said.

The security posture at the White House has returned to normal, the sources said.

"And yet the person is able to get up close to the White House and spend 17 minutes before he's apprehended".

  • Leroy Wright