Democrats preview line of attack on high court nominee

"The base wants them to do something, but there really is nothing effective that they could do". A confirmation hearing with no sparks and no controversy is a surefire path to a seat on the court.

As a former 10th Circuit clerk for Chief Judge Tymkovich, I have had the good fortune of knowing Judge Gorsuch for a decade and counting him as friend. Robert Bork, who in 1987 famously went into his confirmation hearing the odds-on favorite for confirmation, refused to submit himself to these practice sessions, and paid dearly with a performance that made him sometimes sound arrogant and less than fully candid.

The case for confirming Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court is overwhelming. Though exact numbers are hard to come by, the liberals clearly are being outspent by wide margins. Gorsuch's opinion would have denied the agency this power under the statute, or else recognized that Congress' delegating this authority to the executive branch would violate the (now rarely invoked) non-delegation doctrine.

Gorsuch has met with 72 of the 100 senators, and is seen as having enough votes to secure nomination.

Tester said he has yet to reach a decision on Gorsuch's nomination, and plans to watch the hearings next week before making up his mind.

Progressives frustrated at the judge's stellar record are pressuring Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to turn the hearings into the next show of political resistance to President Trump. In a.

At the same time, Republicans are waging an eight-figure advertising campaign that is growing daily, an effort centered on the states that Senate Democrats vulnerable in 2018 call home.

Knowing that, Republican Sen.

As one observer put it: "When the Senate ceases to engage nominees in meaningful discussion of legal issues, the confirmation process takes on an air of vacuity and farce, and the Senate becomes incapable of either properly evaluating nominees or appropriately educating the public".

"There is a plague threatening judicial independence here", Hatch said. CBS News asked her.

"On the other hand, it is totally appropriate and within role for the senators to explore the judicial philosophy of the nominee", Siegel says.

Written with his customary accessible clarity, Gorsuch's opinion in the Caplinger case was one of hundreds he has authored since he joined the bench as a President George W. Bush appointee in 2006.

Much of this is spelled out in tens of thousands of pages of Department of Justice documents turned over to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week - material that doubtlessly will provide further fodder for Democrats.

This makes the Gorsuch hearings even more important, because that might be the one thing that can shift the focus of the liberal movement onto the court and create the pressure needed to keep Democrats from supporting him.

"The Supreme Court played a pivotal role in affirming our Second Amendment rights in its historic Heller and McDonald decisions", Cox, who is also president of the NRA Freedom Action Foundation, said in a statement. Congress can only ever act in fits and starts, and cannot engage in day-to-day technical judgments about, say, what kind of substances are "air pollutants" and what quantity of them is risky to human health. Trump's nominee is just 49 years old.

"He will either get 60 votes and be confirmed or otherwise, whatever procedural steps are necessary".

Most damning of all is Gorsuch's invocation of Justice Antonin Scalia's assertion in the famed Lawrence v. Texas case in 2003 that struck down laws that banned "homosexual conduct".

Three court justices are elderly. "As the federal government's ability to address workplace safety, workers' rights, environmental problems, investment abuse, consumer safety, and any number of other issues sharply diminishes, the power of Big Business and Wall Street to impose their will on every American would be greatly enhanced".

  • Julie Sanders