Charter school legislation progressing in Jefferson City

All died after the committee hearing. "The parents in our region have very good options for schools". No charter school bills have passed the House until this year. Although the applicant could appeal to the state board, it would be highly unlikely that the state board would overturn a local board's decision to use its funding to meet the needs of its underserved population.

Statistics for charter schools as a whole are hard to come by, but the best estimate puts charters' college persistence rates at around 23%.

"I don't think the research out there has convinced me that charter schools solve the problems of educating students in a better fashion than public schools", Ashland Superintendent Sean Howard said.

Audited numbers for the 2016-17 school year released by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education March 7, show enrollment in the District's public charter schools shot up to 41,506 students, a gain of 2,601 students from the previous year. That group could contract with a management organization. McDaniel quoted Obama's proclamation as saying, "Whether created by parents and teachers or community and civic leaders, charter schools serve as incubators of innovation in neighborhoods across our country".

The schools would be funded in the same manner as public schools with some exceptions.

It's a slowdown that overlaps with what many would agree has been a relatively thriving political and economic period for charters-the sector drew robust support from the Obama administration and is expected to be embraced similarly by the pro-school choice Trump administration.

Three of the eight committee members spoke at a noon rally outside the Capitol opposing charter schools, and a fourth raised skeptical questions of the bill's proponents. School districts now use an allocation model that promotes educational equalization, equity, and adequacy based on the needs of its schools. For one, the D.C. Public Charter School Board has added schools with existing track records of success and jettisoned those that are low performing, Pickens said. The Senate is adjourned until March 29 and this brief period of time is known as the "veto period", during which Governor Bevin can veto any legislation that comes to his desk.

Shively said there are plenty of choices already in place for Western Kentucky.

Petrie told the Daily News in a telephone interview on Wednesday that the mechanisms created will allow convicted felons to be successful when they leave incarceration "rather than just be dumped back into society".

The bill would also allow charters to open if at least one school in the district met less than 60 percent of state standards. ". It's criminal what's going on with our black children and low-income white children in west Louisville".

Under Nebraska's opt-in rules, any student could apply to attend a charter school.

NACSA-which represents groups like nonprofits, universities, and school districts with authority to approve new charter schools-examined data it collects in an annual survey of charter school authorizers that asks about a range of issues, including applications for new schools, closures, charter renewals, and staffing. But lawmakers working on the bill said language in the legislation guards against that.

Compared to states like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Arizona, where charter schools are less well regulated, he said the charter school sector in Colorado has focused on quality. Richards said that charter schools would be money-making ventures governed by what he described as "for-profit" companies. Regardless, the local school board would have oversight of the charter school's funding and implementation of its approved plans. And while we appreciate the role of charter schools - both within traditional school districts and the independent kind - in the modern educational scheme, state lawmakers should not be in the habit of forcing local school districts to roll out a red carpet for the hopes and dreams of charter school advocates.

  • Leroy Wright