Beauty and the Beast

Disney's animated "Beauty and the Beast" (1991) is a classic Disney movie that is loved by many - myself included - so skepticism was present and expectations were high when I sat down to watch the live-action remake. It's the highest domestic debut ever for a Disney live-action title and the seventh Walt Disney Studios release to open at more than US$150 million.

But the hit Disney flick, starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, broke even more records as it also became the biggest live-action opening of all-time, biggest March opening and Number One opening of 2017 to date in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Outside of a few scenes, the movie is an nearly exact remake of the classic 1991 Disney animated feature, which went on to win Oscars for best original score and best original song. The record for a March release is now held by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at $166m.

Disney's cartoon-to-live-action adaptations have tried, mostly with success, to be as imaginative and stunning to look at as the original animation.

There was no hysteria spared, with the AFA vowing to make their own films because Disney has supposedly been overrun by the gay agenda.

The movie is a remake of Disney's Oscar-nominated 1991 animated movie and stars Emma Watson as a young woman who becomes the prisoner of a man who has been turned into a beast (Dan Stevens).

It is the sixth-biggest opening weekend of all time, the biggest pre-summer opening ever and second-biggest non-summer debut of all time (behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens and its record-crushing $248 million debut).

However, mainland China had absolutely no issue with the film - which centers around the romance between Emma Watson and a kidnapping buffalo - and its "gay moment", releasing it across the country with no cuts, and no parental advisories. The film got US$21 million of its worldwide gross from IMAX, a record for a PG-rated movie, surpassing Jungle Book's US$20 million. Beauty and The Beast does a phenomenal job of producing the nostalgia of a movie many loved as children while also introducing more romantic scenes.

Also, the Disney reboot gets on the top ten list of best openings encountered by a film.

Film site Fandango reported the movie had sold out at more than 1,000 showtimes in big cities and small, something more common for superhero blockbusters than for a family-oriented production.

Of that total, $170 million came at theaters in North America.

  • Salvatore Jensen