Andromeda filled with poor animations, no day 1 patch

The key bit of information to take from the video is the fact that Mass Effect: Andromeda was created through the use of Nvidia Technology on a Frostbite engine. "This means that much like in ME3MP, the most efficient way to max out your multiplayer arsenal is to max out common items with basic packs first, so there's less bloat in the drop table when you're buying 100000 credit packs".

Her sin, it appears, was working on animations for the game Mass Effect: Andromeda.

But if you're anxious about stage fright and would much prefer to battle giant beasts, Koei Tecmo and Omega Force will release Toukiden 2 for the PS4 and Vita. Some Mass Effect fans are fightin' mad about the janky animations, and a small subset of trolls and malcontents have made a decision to target a specific BioWare employee over them.

Although, EA has denied her position as the Lead Animator. Some commenters on Twitter alone accused her of using her gender to get a job, while others were just downright lewd and predatory.

Magnified or not, it seems that fans of the series, if these are allowed to be called fans, have now sent personal threats to one the game's animators, Allie Rose-Marie.

The early trial of Mass Effect: Andromeda for EA Early Access and Origin members has certainly thrown some interesting curveballs, with the title's awkward facial animations drawing plenty of comment to say the least.

A fan site posted a vitriolic rant that identified a Vancouver woman as the lead facial animator by name, charging that she had no relevant experience and was merely "an inexperienced cosplayer". Do let us know your thoughts on the matter.

  • Carolyn Briggs