The Evil Within 2 Reportedly In Production, Leaked Through Job Listing

This horror masterpiece developed by Tango Gameworks gained world recognition right from the start of its release.

As you can see from the image above (locally translated on NeoGAF), it is a translator for location and bug reporting for Psycho Break 2, Psycho Break is the Japanese title of The Evil Within. For those of you who might be unaware, Psycho Break was the title of the Japanese version of the game.

"The Evil Within" offered players a gruesome world filled with gory and psychological horror elements. Not that it needs to, the survival horror genre is not as oversaturated as some other genres, but The Evil Within's main appeal was offering an experience that, at the time, Resident Evil wasn't. That's until its most recent creation with Resident Evil 7.

The Evil Within follows the story of a character named Sebastian Castellanos, in distorted world full of bad creatures and scary locations.

As pointed out on this Neogaf thread yesterday, a Japanese job advert has been posted looking for a QA tester/translator for Psychobreak 2 - Psychobreak being the Japanese title for The Evil Within. The game was positively received and many regard it as one of the more underappreciated titles around.

Of course, any news regarding The Evil Within 2 should be treated as a rumor until Bethesda or developer Tango Gameworks say something official.

Even though it does look legit, we would again advise you to take it as a rumor, as there is no official confirmation that the game is indeed under development.

Assuming the sequel is in fact under development, I imagine we can expect to see or hear more about it as we get closer to E3- and if Bethesda's usual style holds, we may see it release within a year of its announcement, too.

  • Arturo Norris