One-third of voters approve of GOP health care plan

"There's a long history in modern politics of House members walking the plank for legislation that not only fails to become law but never even gets a vote in the Senate", Cotton, a one-term House member before coming to the Senate, said in an interview in his office Thursday.

"While this legislation is far from flawless and not the Obamacare replacement plan I had hoped to support, it is a substantial improvement from the mandates, burdens and failures of Obamacare. I think we're going to move on and end up finding a way to get this done".

House Speaker Paul Ryan said House Republicans and President Donald Trump were working "hand in glove" on the proposed legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare, despite attacks from conservatives in both congressional chambers and the media. House Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows referred to Speaker Ryan's repeal bill as "Obamacare-lite" and criticized the bill for creating new entitlements through the bill's tax credits to purchase health insurance.

But after a closed-door meeting with his fellow Republican lawmakers Tuesday, Ryan conceded that the bill needed to be changed for it to pass the House and attributed the strategy shift to the CBO's report. It eliminates the "Obamacare" mandate to buy health insurance, limits tax credits and unwinds a Medicaid expansion, but some conservatives say it doesn't go far enough. These are strong, conservative wins that will substantially improve the bill. Banks had previously been non-committal on the American Health Care Act.

In addition, the speaker said intelligence committee members presented him with no information supporting President Trump's claims he was wiretapped by the Obama administration during the election.

"I also want people to know Obamacare is dead".

"That's one of the things we're looking at", Mr. Ryan, Wisconsin Republican, told "Fox News Sunday".

  • Joanne Flowers