Assembly approves CBD oil legislation

The state Assembly passed the bill 98-0 Tuesday after the legislation cleared the state Senate last month.

Two Republicans joined with all Democrats in voting against the measure. Still, supporters say they are optimistic federal officials could act on the issue soon, and the state will be ready to allow sales when that happens.

Walker has indicated he will sign the bill, although he is not a proponent of a legal comprehensive medical cannabis program.

The plan passed the state Assembly by a vote of 83 to 13.

Democrats said it would eliminate independent oversight of state finances and give Walker's administration greater control of the state public lands board, on which the treasurer now serves. Under the proposal, the lieutenant governor would replace the treasurer on the board.

The bill permits CBD only after the FDA approves it.

The first bill legalizes possession of CBD oil, a marijuana extract used to treat seizures that does not produce a high. Once the Assembly passes it as expected it will head to Gov. Scott Walker for his signature. But the conditions have proved so restrictive that families and physicians have been unable to make use of it.

But for many families, this bill is coming too late, Krug said.

The Legislature in 2014 passed a CBD oil bill that didn't go far enough to make the oil accessible.

Wisconsin families continue emotional fight in push for medical marijuana extract billThe sound of people holding back tears peppered a public hearing in the State Capitol Wednesday as legislators considered a Read... It would also require the state to follow suit within 30 days if the federal government were to reclassify CBD oil so it is no longer a Schedule I drug.

"Just like that, a patient can be delivered this devastating news that there is nothing else out there", he said.

  • Joanne Flowers