Yemen: more than 30 refugees shot dead in coastal waters

Mohammed said that the refugees had shone flashlights at the helicopter when it opened fire; it eventually stopped, but the damage was done.

More than 30 wounded were reported to have been taken to hospital. "UNHCR is appalled by this tragic incident, the latest in which civilians continue to disproportionately bear the brunt of conflict in Yemen", a spokesperson said in a statement.

He said the attack at around 3:00am on Friday (local time) was "totally unacceptable" and that responsible combatants should have checked who was aboard the boat "before firing on it".

"At present, ports of Yemen must remain open, including Hudaydah port, to allow for both commercial and humanitarian vessels to import much needed food and fuel to avert a starvation", Dujarric added. The asylum-seekers were then able to hold up flashlights to show the aircraft that they were migrants.

At least 22 members of pro-government forces have been killed in a rebel attack on a mosque inside a military base in Yemen, according to medical sources.

Body of a Somali refugee, killed in an attack by a helicopter while travelling in a vessel off Yemen, is carried at the Red Sea port of Hodeidah, Yemen March 17, 2017. It did not say who was behind the strike. "Our confirmation is that there are dozens of deaths and many dozens of survivors brought to hospitals", he told The Associated Press.

At least forty-two people have been killed following a military attack on a boat carrying refugees off the Yemeni coast.

During the past few weeks, the Saudi-led Arab coalition intensified airstrikes on areas along Yemen's Red Sea Coast in an apparent attempt to support Yemeni government forces to kick the Shiite Houthi group out of the port city of Hodyada.

Houthis have been controlling north of Yemen, including Hodeida, after they ousted President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi in late 2014.

  • Leroy Wright