White House intruder was on grounds 15 minutes before arrest

Secret Service officials are conducting a formal mission assurance review of the incident.

"I worry this is the worst one yet", Chaffetz said.

Security footage shows Tran jumping a fence near the Treasury Building, which adjoins the White House, the complaint says. The problem has persisted for years and is totally unacceptable.

The U.S. Secret Service is expected to discipline employees after a Milpitas man allegedly jumped over a fence at the White House in an attempt to meet President Donald Trump.

A Secret Service source told CNN that Tran was able to scale multiple fences before making his way across the grounds and landing mere few steps from the main entrance.

"The response to the alarm was lacking", according to CNN which quoted an agency source it did not name.

Chaffetz asked acting Secret Service director William Callahan to give details to the committee on Monday, CNN reported.

This hearkens back to what happened in September 2014, when Omar Gonzales penetrated the White House and actually made it inside.

"The Committee has longstanding concerns regarding repeated security incidents at USSS-protected facilities", Mr Chaffetz wrote.

Tran, who was carrying a backpack and two cans of mace, was charged with entering or remaining on restricted grounds while carrying a risky weapon and faces a statutory maximum of 10 years in prison if convicted.

"The service did a fantastic job", the President said to reporters during a lunch meeting with Cabinet officials at the Trump National Golf Club in Potomac Falls, Virginia.

Tran was released with no bail on Monday and returned to California, where he must submit to Global Positioning System monitoring until his next hearing in Washington.

The revelation also came the same day that the Secret Service also disclosed that a thief had stolen an agency laptop containing classified plans for Trump Tower and materials about the Hillary Clinton email investigation, along with lapel pins identifying agents responsible for protecting Trump, Clinton and Pope Francis.

In the letter, 'Tran mentioned Russian hackers and said he had information of relevance.

  • Leroy Wright