Viber Launches Secret Chats with a self-destructive timer

The messaging app has over 800 million registered users, although it is unknown how many are active, and a strong following in certain parts of Latin America, North Africa, Myanmar and the Philippines, however it is has not achieved the same universal popularity as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Then a few days back, the company introduced Secret Chats, which would self-destruct the whole chat or hide it with a pin code, along with that users will not be able to take screen shots of the messages.

Viber in their recent 6.7 v update has added some nifty new features. Now Viber announces Secret Chats that will help users have conversations with advanced privacy elements. First it was the 'Secret Message' option in which users could send messages and images which would self-destruct after the set time.

Interestingly, messages can't be forwarded in Secret Chats and message notifications will only read "Message", with no further information revealed.

WikiLeaks' recent Vault 7 data release claimed that the Central Intelligence Agency had established ways to bypass the encryption security that messaging apps such as WhatsApp had put in place. One of them will be regular chat and other one will be secret chat. Android users won't be able to take screenshots when using the Secret Chat feature while iOS users can take screenshots.

"Our goal is to continue to bring you features that will enable you to communicate without limitation and without hesitation". Now do more secure chats with your friends with this feature. Often we have seen, screenshots of secret text messages wrecking havoc for the users.

  • Arturo Norris