NXT Recap: Bobby Roode vs. Kassius Ohno

I'd like to see these twins actually get some work done in the ring soon; with the emergence of up-and-coming tag teams like Heavy Machinery and TM-61 (who should be back competing together once Shane Thorn recovers from knee surgery), there's going to need to be some talent exhibited if these are the teams who will carry us into the Takeover before WrestleMania 34. They set up Muriel for the Final Chapter and Akam covers to get the win.

The third interruption of the segment was a welcomed one as general manager William Regal came out to shed some light on the NXT tag team championship situation as it pertains to TakeOver: Orlando.

Another match that was made official for NXT Takeover: Orlando was the NXT Tag Team title match, as the Authors of Pain will defend said titles against The Revival and #DIY in a triple threat elimination match.

NXT Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain w/ Paul Ellering vs.

Macey Astrella, you poor, poor girl. She throws her across the ring by the hair. Bench Tom Brady, sit out Michael Jordan or have the Revival on the sidelines of the division they put on the map. Or that she loves seems to love pain more than dishing it out (and she loves dishing it out)?

Opinion: I'm sold on both of these matches. Tye Dillinger and No Way Jose ran out after the match but were beat down by the group. When it began working again, it was at another commercial. This stems from an angle that was building last week between these men (plus Roderick Strong) and Sanity. As expected, the numbers game got the best of them, with Eric Young and company leaving Jose and Dillinger laid out in the middle of the ring.

NXT Champion Bobby Roode defended his title against a returning Kassius Ohno Wednesday on WWE NXT. However, he comes back with a big clothesline. I'll admit I did not expect this match to be as good as it was, which is intriguing when considering what's next for Ohno.

None: I could perhaps level criticism at Takeover: Orlando for not feeling all that important (at least in comparison to last year), but the show took logical steps forward in everything it is setting up for the show.

We are an little over two weeks away from NXT Takeover: Orlando, which means tonight is the flawless time for an NXT title match, right?

With none other than Chris Jericho already scheduled to play the festival with Fozzy on the Sunday, what odds on Y2J adding a few more names to his list in the Download NXT arena for a special appearance or two?

  • Salvatore Jensen