Nintendo stock price surges as company doubles Switch production

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Japanese games company has chose to "at least double" production of the Nintendo Switch over the next financial year - it will build 16 million rather than the 8 million originally planned. The Switch is set to blow by those number in just one year. It enjoyed a successful first weekend, becoming the best launch for a Nintendo console in Europe and North America.

Last week, we warned readers not to get too excited in assuming that the Nintendo Switch's successful launch implied long-term success for the new platform. Nintendo has promised since launch that Switch supplies won't be as constrained as the notoriously rare NES Classic.

Tesco is also expecting Nintendo switch stock on 30th of March. Those two bundles come with extra games, Nintendo Switch accessories and more.

Switch has matched up to the production pace of Nintendo's Wii, which was released in November 2006 and sold over 100 million units in its lifetime, according to official data released by the company.

Since the Wii U sold less than 14 million consoles that means the Nintendo Switch could outsell it within a year, with current estimates already putting global sales at 1.5 million units.

Would you want to play South Park: The Fractured But Whole on Nintendo Switch?

The launch of the Nintendo Switch recalls the seeming smash-hit Nintendo 3DS, which started strong but fell off in sales nearly immediately.

Ubisoft has always been one of Nintendo's biggest supporters, and is one of the first publishers to announce a game, "Just Dance 2017", for Nintendo Switch, then known as Nintendo NX.

Nintendo has been having a good run of late.

He continued: "Nintendo's success depends on its ability to appeal to gamers in the same way the Wii did by displaying innovative and fun ways to play the games and franchises they love on a new console".

  • Arturo Norris