McDonald's Tweets About Trump's 'Tiny Hands', Deletes Hacked Tweet

The tweet called Trump a disgusting excuse of a president and made fun of his seemingly tiny hands.

On Wednesday, hundreds of prominent Twitter accounts - from celebrities like Justin Beiber to news organizations including Forbes - were hacked. The company says Twitter notified it that the account had been compromised and are now investigating the situation. "We deleted the tweet, secured our account and are now investigating this", the burger chain said in a statement.

The message from the account of the world's largest restaurant chain caused a sensation on Twitter, where users shared copies of the deleted tweet and offered jokes and comments. Some important Twitter accounts were hacked on Wednesday and anti-Nazi tweets were sent out in Turkish, in midst of a political conflict between Germany, the Netherlands and Turkey.

Hacking has been a persistent problem in recent years with the growing influence of Twitter and other social media sites.

"There needs to be clear and concise guidelines for what is acceptable for social media".

However, McDonald's did not clarify whether the account had been hacked, or taken over by a disgruntled, outspoken, employee. However, the MCD Tweet was specifically targeted at his personal account.

If a Twitter account has been hacked, the company suggests that its users request for a password reset.

The company earlier said it was notified by Twitter that its account was "compromised". The damage, however, had been done as the tweet went viral online and was re-tweeted many times.

Mr Trump's supporters threatened to boycott the coffee franchise in the wake of that declaration.

It didn't take long for the memes to pop up on Twitter, with people resurfacing this photo of Trump eating McDonald's on a flight.

Trump, a known fast-food aficionado, told Anderson Cooper in February 2016 that he frequently eats at McDonald's.

  • Carolyn Briggs