Concealed Carrier Saves Officer's Life by Shooting Attacker

When Ashad Russell saw Lee County officer Dean Bardes being pummeled by a man last November, the bystander pulled his gun and pointed it at Edward Strother, who'd just led Bardes on a high-speed chase.

Two days after the incident, Lee County Sheriff Mike Lee wrote about it on Facebook, saying, "Earlier this week, two heroes met on I-75 and while they had never met before, one would save the others life". He ordered Strother to stop. He continually punched the officer as he reached for the officer's duty weapon.

Meanwhile, Bardes was shouting for Russell to shoot Strother.

Russell said he gave Strother "numerous commands" to stop punching Bardes before firing three rounds from his concealed weapon.

Immediately after the shooting Russell, who was declared a hero, turned away, dropped his gun to the ground and waited in his vehicle for the arrival of additional law enforcement officers. Strother, on the other hand, was rushed to the hospital as well, but died shortly after.

Russell didn't face any charges after the incident.

Horrifying cellphone footage of a fatal shooting that took place in late 2016 has been released by a Florida state attorney's office.

Russell was not charged with any criminal activity after the state attorney's office ruled that the killing was justified in order to protect Bardes' life. Bardes says he believed Strother was armed.

The saddest part of this whole situation?

Interesting note - there were no 911 calls made from the scene. In 2014, she was the Communications Assistant for the American Conservative Union, where she helped plan and execute media relations strategies for CPAC 2014.

  • Leroy Wright