Trump's approval rating drops by five points in new poll

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Turns out, people don't like having their health care coverage taken away or unduly fucked-with.

The first lady's approval rating stood at 52%, while President Trump's approval rating stood at 45% last week, according to the poll. Bush's approval rating steadily declined to embarrassing lows, and Democrats soon after rode an improbable wave into the congressional majority. Forty-six percent of registered voters said they trusted Democrats, while only 30 percent said they trusted Republicans.

Several Fox News hosts - notably Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly - serve as nonstop cheerleaders for Trump, but the network's pollster found unpopularity out in the country.

The Republicans' health care plan appears to be dragging down the party and its president.

According to the latest poll from Fox News, 43 percent of voters approve of the job the president has done in office so far while 53 percent disapprove.

Of those who said they were opposed to the Republican plan, the American Health Care Act, 67% said it was because the bill "makes too many changes to Obamacare" and 21% said they didn't support the plan because it "doesn't make enough changes to Obamacare".

Yup. Only 7% see ObamaCare as a priority.

"Do you favor or oppose the Republican health care plan that would replace Obamacare?" Fifty percent have a favorable opinion of Obamacare, up from 38 percent two years ago.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 861 Arizona voters, with a breakdown of 40 percent Republican, 36 percent Democratic and about 25 percent independent. No. 2, while 34 percent believe the new Executive Order would make America safer.

On top of that, 50% view ObamaCare favorably, 47% unfavorably. The poll has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points for all registered voters.

  • Leroy Wright