Rachel Maddow's Response To Being Called 'Sir' Was Absolutely Priceless

Her Trump tax reveal nabbed the network's second biggest audience ever for MSNBC for a regularly scheduled show, behind only the October 29, 2008 episode of Countdown with Keith Olbermann, which had averaged 4.2 million total viewers, six days before the 2008 election that put Barack Obama into the White House.

The source went on to join criticism of Maddow for the lengthy monologue she delivered before finally revealing the relatively straightforward details in the 2005 return.

Maddow's report on the authenticated tax returns marked the most recent tax information available on Trump, who unlike every president for decades has refused to release his tax returns. "After showing video of the liberal journalist explaining that Trump payed $38 million in taxes, Colbert blasted, "$38 million.

But Maddow didn't have to answer for her long, long wind-up-which several people have compared to Geraldo Rivera's infamously disappointing journey inside Al Capone's vault, including Rivera himself-on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show, where she stopped by Wednesday to discuss the bombshell that wasn't. Some called the revelation "overhyped" and critiqued Maddow for her delivery. And I want to know why the president won't release more of them.

It's also worth noting that Maddow scored with younger viewers.

Maddow's tax show became her highest-rated program ever, according to NBC.

"You'd be surprised", she said.

  • Salvatore Jensen