Letter bomb explodes at France office of International Monetary Fund, injuring 1

Police said one person was injured when the envelope blew up at the offices in central Paris.

A Greek far-left group, calling itself the Conspiracy Cells of Fire, claimed responsibility for the parcel mailed to Berlin. Security services are investigating the origins of the parcel.

A device exploded in the face of an International Monetary Fund staff member who suffered head and hand injuries. "It was something that was fairly homemade", the Paris police chief, Michel Cadot, told reporters.

Unnamed police sources indicated the exploding device may have been a firework and that the letter was delivered by post.

The parcel bomb that arrived at the IMF's Paris office detonated, slightly injuring an employee there, on Thursday.

The package was addressed to German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble and falsely included the name and address of right-wing Greek politician Adonis Georgiadis as the sender.

She reaffirmed "the IMF's resolve to continue our work in line with our mandate", according to a statement issued by her office.

France President Francois Hollande had said that the lethal attack was "clearly a terrorist assault".

Many Greeks blame Germany and the International Monetary Fund for imposing years of public sector cuts and reforms in exchange for bailout packages needed to prop up the debt-ridden country.

The group, which is considered a terror organisation by Washington, sent mail bombs to foreign embassies in Greece and to European leaders in 2010.

Last November the group described the project as "an global proposal to create a list with the names of people in authority so that we can attack them where they feel safe, on the sidelines... at their own houses". In 2011 six members of the group were sent to prison.

  • Leroy Wright