India Called Pakistan the 'World's Terrorism Factory' at UN Human Rights Council

In a joint statement issued on Thursday Karete said that people of Jammu and Kashmir are striving for right to self-determination and will never allow its division or annexing off its part or territory either to India or Pakistan.

In a smart reply to Pakistan's allegations, India said that minorities in India have become Prime Ministers, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, senior Cabinet Ministers, senior civil servants, cricket team captains, Bollywood superstars. A strong Indian democracy and justice system obviously did not need "self-serving sermons" from anybody, much less from a country like Pakistan, Baglay said.

"Pakistan's selective approach in tackling terror groups operating outside Pakistan and within, despite the numerous solemn promises made underscores the continuing unwillingness to acknowledge the truth", the Indian Representative said.

Referring to Pakistan as a terrorism factory, Indian diplomat said that its terrorism policies have alienated its own people with ill-treatment of its minorities. Can the minorities of Pakistan claim even a shadow of this? A part of Jammu and Kashmir has been under illegal occupation of Pakistan. "All they have are blasphemy laws and relentless abuse and violation of their human rights".

"The Gilgit-Baltistan area is Pakistan's northernmost administrative territory that borders the disputed Pakistan-occupied Kashmir".

Reiterating India's stand on the Jammu and Kashmir, Baglay said: "The position of the government on Jammu and Kashmir is consistent and well known".

She blamed Pakistan for destabilizing Jammu and Kashmir by promoting infiltration and cross-border terrorism. Islamabad would be well-advised to refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of India in any form and not to resort to denial from the reality of terrorism emanating from its soil which was not only affecting India but the entire region and beyond, he added.

Last week, Pakistan foreign office had summoned India's Deputy High Commissioner J P Singh to express its concern over Assemanand's acquittal.

  • Carolyn Briggs