Apple gives indie gamers a permanent home on the App Store

The App Store now features a dedicated Indie Games section, which is currently highlighted on the main page of the digital distribution platform through a new thumbnail dubbed "Celebrating Indie Games".

All of the highlighted games will be hand-picked by the team that has spotlighted worthwhile games, both free and paid, since the App Store launched in 2008.

Gaming is the most popular category on Apple's App Store.

Breaking into the App Store can be hard enough, but for small-time mobile game developers it's even more of a challenge as they go up against billion-dollar, global publishers who dominate the top charts, like Supercell, Activision Blizzard, Niantic, EA, Tencent and others who can afford to invest millions in marketing budgets and advertising. The promotion includes a special section at the top of the App Store where new apps and updates are usually promoted, several new indie game launches, and even discounts on a handful of popular indie titles. As it turns out, the indie games section is a permanent addition to the App Store, and will be available indefinitely to help users discover new titles to play.

Based on the fact that indie titles Botnicula, Surgeon Simulator and Prune are at the top of the Paid charts in the App Store right now, Keren's theory could be correct.

Though Apple has stated that the indie games section will be a permanent fixture, it's unclear at this point in what location it will live on. But indie developers (outside of a select few) have had trouble getting visibility on the store. App Annie's figures were slightly lower, at 75 percent of all App Store revenue.

  • Arturo Norris