Trump Approval, Voter Optimism on the Rise

The survey, by Fox News, found 51% of people polled disapprove of the president, while 43% of people approve.

A new poll shows that President Donald Trump is maintaining a 46% approval ratings.

Less than a week ago, a poll from CNN/ORC showed Melania Trump's approval rating had overtaken her husband's. The stock market has taken note, too; the S&P 500 Index has risen more than 100 points since Trump was sworn into office.

The first lady's approval rating stood at 52%, while President Trump's approval rating stood at 45% last week, according to the poll. Forty-nine percent said they trust congressional Republicans to handle the economy over Democrats, and 50 percent said the same about handling jobs. An equal number of respondents trusted Democrats and Republicans to handle education. Three in 10 voters, a plurality, said the economy is the top issue on their mind.

Trump's approval rating is below his predecessor's.

A similar Morning Consult/POLITICO poll in February found considerably different results: Only 47 percent of Americans approved of Trump, and 40 percent felt the country was heading in the right direction.

Still, 54 percent of American voters said the country was headed in the wrong direction, and fewer than half of Americans thought the country was moving on the right track. Its margin of error is 3 percent.

  • Larry Hoffman