The aftermath of Winter Storm Stella on the East End

Winter Storm Stella dumped 14.4 inches of snow on Worcester, breaking the daily record for the amount of snowfall on March 14, the National Weather Service said.

While New York City got less snow than expected, areas upstate were already buried in more than was forecast and up to 30 inches was still expected in central parts of the state. The snow from Argos and Stella combined accounts for almost half that seasonal total. Storm Stella wasn't quite as apocalyptic as feared, at least for NY and the other big cities on the east coast, although farther inland there were snowfalls reaching 30cm (1ft) or more.

Storm Stella led to 70mph winds in the north-east of America and led to up to 8,000 flights being cancelled - with schools closed, and electricity supplies cut off in some areas.

States of emergency were also declared from midnight in New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland.

"The dogs are more hyper in this weather", she said.

Roughly 210,000 people in the mid-west and northeast experienced power outages.

In anticipation of a large storm, grocery stores were raided up and down the mid-Atlantic coast - with many documenting empty shelves and long lines via social media.

Met Office forecaster Emma Sharples said tomorrow the United Kingdom would see the "remnants" of Stella, which will lose strength as it crosses the Atlantic. Gale force winds of up to 44mph are also expected on Sunday. The storm should clear out on Wednesday with some lingering snow showers and gusty winds.

"But we are going to see a regime change as this low pressure system moves across the Atlantic".

WeatherOnline forecaster Simon Keeling said: "After the mild weather of the last few days conditions will be turning much more unsettled towards the end of the week".

  • Carolyn Briggs