Patty's Day quandary: corned beef vs. Lenten Friday

Whether it be corned beef and cabbage, Polish pierogi or an Italian pasta dinner, it brings cohesiveness to the members and helps keep the organization solvent. Mass at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, 812 N. Jackson St., Milwaukee, with a reception to follow. No provision is made for a "conditional" or "do it if you insist" dispensation such as Bishop Braxton has promulgated. But during this time of Lent, many Catholics abstain from meat on Fridays posing a culinary conundrum this St. Patrick's Day.

But in announcing the news, the diocese stressed it is not a free ticket to go, um, hog wild.

Lent is the period of prayer and penance that begins Ash Wednesday and ends just before Easter, and Catholics are obligated to avoid meat on Fridays during that period.

Schlert said he is acting under a provision of canon, or church law, which gives diocesan officials the authority to grant the faithful dispensations from church disciplines.

"The bishop is able to dispense from this requirement for the spiritual good of the people entrusted to his care", the release notes.

CHICAGO In recent weeks, the USA meat industry has found itself wrestling with a culinary conundrum: Would American Roman Catholics be able to eat corned beef this St. Patrick's Day?

About once every decade or so, St. Patrick's Day falls on a Friday during Lent, as it does in 2017. According to the website for the Diocese of Spokane at, "Those who choose to take advantage of this dispensation are to engage in some other comparable act of penance".

  • Joanne Flowers