Man Whom Texas Congressman Told to 'Shut Up' Says He Deserved It

At a town hall last week, Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) told an attendee to "shut up" after the crowd took issue with his response to a question about legislation protecting women from violence. But when one man exclaimed "you represent Texas first", Barton then pointed at the man and said "You sir, shut up".

The exchange came after an attendee stood up to ask Barton to work with California Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier on legislation to protect women from violence.

His response prompted loud boos, with one audience member declaring violence against women a "national issue" and something that "impacts everyone, everywhere".

Go figure such behavior would elicit an angry reaction from the crowd. You don't tell anybody to shut up! "You work for us!" These meetings give constituents the opportunity to hear directly from their Congressman on issues important to them and I consider it an obligation to hold several each year.

The 17-term congressman later said in a statement that Lewis 'continued to speak over myself and many others who were seeking recognition in orderly fashion'. "These are unscripted live meetings".

That's why Republican Representative Joe Barton was praised for holding a town hall this week.until he lost his cool.

Chaotic scenes have been playing out in Republican town halls across the United States, where "swarming crowds and hostile questions are the new normal" and "an early indication of how progressive opposition movements are mobilizing against the agenda of the GOP and President Trump", The Washington Post reported.

Barton, the Dean of the Texas Delegation and chairman of the House Committee on Energy & Commerce, is scheduled to hold two more town hall meetings with constituents in Tarrant County next month.

Barton represents a heavily Republican district in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

  • Larry Hoffman