How To Send And Request Money Using Your Gmail App For Android

"You can already reliably and safely share photos and files on the go with Gmail". All a user has to do is signup for the Google Wallet using your debit or credit cards, and then start transacting on your app or web.

These one-off use cases are still more easily managed in standalone payment apps, where you'd don't have to face the clutter of a crowded inbox just to send a friend the few dollars you owe. Sharing money with friends or family to make the purchase s easier with the Google Wallet Gmail integration.

Sending money is as easy as sending an attachment. A new Google Wallet capability allows you to send and receive cash via the Gmail app on your phone, Mashable reports. A new update to the Gmail app on Android though is letting you send and receive money through the Android Gmail app, which is great news. Any Gmail address owner can send and receive money to pay for whatever product or service or maybe even give as a gift. Hopefully, we see a wider rollout soon.

Add a memo for what the payment is for, such as coffee, pizza or rent.

The feature is now limited to the US Android users.

Tap the attachment icon followed by "Send Money" option. Once you do that, you can choose the option request money or the option send money.

Those who will be receiving the money, don't even need to have a Gmail account or the app installed on their device.

This new one doing the rounds in Gmail inboxes is one that appears to include an attachment, which in reality isn't an attachment at all.

Enter the amount that you want to request, followed by tapping the Continue option.

We should warn you that while this functionality has been extended to the Android version of the Gmail app, it is not [yet] available for iOS users.

Why is Google Offering a Payments Feature on Gmail?

  • Arturo Norris