Season 3 Episode 16 "Into The Speed Force"

The pendulum needs to swing back, pronto.

Joe (Jesse L. Martin) worries about Barry getting lost in the vastness of the Speed Force so H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) suggests that Cisco (Carlos Valdes) creates some sort of tether to anchor Barry to the physical plane. Jesse uses the shard to stab through a chink in the armor, and it wounds him, sending him running away.

Over the last three seasons of The Flash, the actions of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) have resulted in consequences that everyone around him must pay for.

We'd heard a while back the producers were setting up some cameos for a few fan favorites, and boy did this one deliver. The god of the speed had everything maneuvered to deceive Team The Flash so that it falls in full and without noticing it in its trap.

While travelling into the extra-dimensional energy, Barry will meet his old friends and foes, namely, Captain Cold, Eddie Thawne, Ronnie Raymond. Barry comes on the comms and asks if Cisco's ready. It was a who's who that just serves as a reminder of how many great characters have come and gone over the years on this series. The Flash (GRANT GUSTIN) takes it upon himself to zip into the Speed Force and break Wally out, by hook or by crook. Like his Season Two venture into that zone, the Speed Force talks through various people in the Barry's life, this time most of whom are deceased. Join us, won't you? Jay Garrick appeared to take Wally's place, effectively sacrificing his position as The Flash of Earth-3 so that Barry and Wally could go back to their families. We've already seen Eobard Thawne butt heads with Black Flash over on Legends of Tomorrow, and he was no less terrifying in his Flash debut. It's enough to leave you wondering what it is that makes those around him still think he's so likable. Odds are this sacrifice is probably slightly easier given the current state of his relationship with Iris, who really isn't keen on speaking to him after what happened in last week's episode. And she proves it in this fearless, though admittedly reckless, moment. Iris has some great dialogue on this, which culminates with her saying she wants to be Barry's wife. Their relationship should be past this, right? In the end, Barry finds Wally in his own personal hell, tormented by the death of his mother over and over again. He has to save her in the future, and he's going to do that by embracing, not changing, the future. He retrieved Wally from the speed force. He grabs the device and we get a very cool transition into the breach room. Wally and Jessie say their "I love you " s and goodbye and she's on her way through the multiverse. Just as Barry decides they should distance themselves from one another for ... umm ... no good reason, really. It's an incredibly tender father-daughter moment, which are often some of the show's most poignant beats. Eddie says he has to outrun the time wraiths through a pair of doors.

- Jesse (after punching HR): "That was oddly satisfying".

However, once they realize that the blade seems to be in a constant state of flux - constantly moving on the inside, maybe trying to reconnect with the other pieces of the armor - Jesse has no problem taking it, punching H.R. when he tries to stop her ("That was oddly satisfying", she says after) and using it to find Savitar. Look for that to be a major piece of the puzzle for the back half of the season, methinks.

Overall, "Into the Speed Force" is a good installment with some mediocre elements. The Earth-1 scenes are on the weaker side, which is mainly thanks to Jesse being completely rash and unreasonable.

  • Salvatore Jensen