Popular Xbox One controller charging station recalled over burn hazard

PDP stated that customers who have "048-052-NA" printed on the bottom of their Xbox One 2X Smart Chargers should send their units back.

Health Canada said the recall involves Energizer Xbox One 2X Smart Chargers used in the Xbox One video game controllers. About 121,000 products in the US were said to have been affected, including 2,560 units in Mexico and 7,250 units in Canada. No injuries were reported.

The manufacturer, Performance Designed Products LLC, has received 24 USA reports of the chargers overheating and deforming its plastic cover and six reports of the chargers emitting a burning odor. Also, some users have reported the smell of burning plastic in line with the charger's deformation.

Consumers are urged to contact Performance Designed Products for a full refund. They add, "The chargers are black plastic and measure about 3.5 inches long, 5 inches wide and 11 inches tall".

These chargers are extremely popular and are sold at several major retailers, so the recall numbers are fairly high at 121,000 units in the United States, plus 7,250 in Canada and 2,560 in Mexico. The product was licensed by Energizer, according to a product description. "The chargers hold up to two XBOX controllers".

  • Arturo Norris