Operation Shamrock and Awe, New Microtransactions Hit Modern Warfare Remastered

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is receiving a celebrated event starting today until April 3, 2017. The Shamrock and Awe event began yesterday and will end on April 3rd, 12:01 AM PT/3:01 AM ET.

If you complete the in-game challenges on the map you will earn two exclusive St. Paddys themed camos for your weapons: the Shamrockin “Folium” and the “rainbowtized Prism”.

First, everyone gets one free Supply Drop per week as part of the Operation: Shamrock & Awe event. What's worth collecting the cameos, reticles, calling cards, and emblems is if a player completes each of the three collections then they'll be able to unlock Darren "Graves" Cosgrave as a playable character to keep. A downside, these challenges disappear when you are over the Operation: Shamrock & Awe. Meanwhile, Those who complete the "Luck" collection will earn Graves the new character, while "Leprechaun" will award players with the Shillelagh weapon.

Through the new update, the game has reached to changes that will amuse and entertain you at the same time.

There are different challenges to unlock the weapon skins on each of the separate weapon classes, and those challenges are only available during the Modern Warfare Remastered event. The Operation Lion Strike supply drop includes weapon updates such as Sniper D-255, SMG-Mac-10, LMG-PKM, and a new melee weapon is also included.

The Supply Drops reset every Monday at midnight. Operation Shamrock and Awe will bring the luck of the Irish to the remaster, and plenty of new content with it.

Operation: Shamrock & Awe will bring a handful of new features to Modern Warfare Remastered during the event.

  • Arturo Norris