North Korea vs Malaysia football match set for June 8

He did not say why the government had decided on the expulsion despite Kuala Lumpur's bar on North Korean nationals leaving the country - a tit-for-tat measure put in place after Pyongyang prohibited Malaysians from leaving its borders last week.

Although the Pyongyang authorities have been defiantly denying that the deceased was Kim Jong-nam, and his next-of-kin has yet to come to Kuala Lumpur to have the DNA sample taken, IGP Khalid Abu Bakar nevertheless confirmed days ago that the man killed at klia2 on February 13 was indeed Kim Jong-nam.

North Korea has demanded the body back and objected when Malaysia conducted an autopsy.

According to Kyodo news agency quoted sources as saying, the data was obtained from Kim Jong Nam when the Japanese government detained him back in 2001 at Narita global airport outside Tokyo.

Ahmad Zahid also confirmed that formal negotiations between both countries were ongoing since Monday.

The body of the slain Kim Jong-nam has been embalmed by Malaysian authorities to delay decomposition, the New Straits Times (NST) reported on Tuesday (March 14).

Zahid also said Malaysia will soon deport 50 North Korean workers who overstayed their visa in the Borneo state of Sarawak. It expelled the North Korean ambassador over his remarks questioning the investigations.

Although Malaysia has never directly accused North Korea of being behind the attack, many speculate that Pyongyang must have orchestrated it. Experts say the VX nerve agent used to kill Kim was nearly certainly produced in a sophisticated state weapons laboratory, and North Korea is widely believed to possess large quantities of chemical weapon.

There are nine Malaysians in North Korea — three embassy staff members and their family members. Malaysia then barred North Koreans from exiting its soil. Malaysian investigators suspect that he was killed with a VX nerve agent.

It is also believed the United States and other countries have been involved in the probe or assisted in the protection of his family members amid fears that they might be targeted by North Korea, said the news agency.

The murder, and Malaysia's attempt to investigate North Koreans inside Pyongyang's embassy in Kuala Lumpur, has sparked a diplomatic meltdown between two countries with once strong ties.

He said anyone including North Korea could ask for such inquiry. CCTV footage shows them smearing the 45-year-old's face with a piece of cloth.

  • Leroy Wright