Matrix reboot: Warner Bros 'developing relaunch' of 90s sci-fi classic?

The three films follow Neo's journey to liberate humanity from the clutches of the machines.

Now considered a cult-classic, The Matrix wowed audiences upon its release over a decade ago, as it revolutionized modern-day filmmaking with its state-of-the-art visual effects.

Another name missing from the reboot talks is Keanu Reeves, who starred as protagonist Neo in the films. Also unclear is whether the new film will feature any of the original actors (Keanu Reaves, Laurence Fishburne, Hugo Weaving or Carrie-Anne Moss) in any capacity.

Again, this is all very preliminary, but Warner clearly interested in going back to the Matrix well in some form, and they're after a pretty high-powered writer to do it.

That's an interesting observation because The Matrix is one of the few wholly original movies of the last 25 years to launch a multimedia empire complete with cartoons, video games, toys, and more.

It's thought Warner may approach The Matrix in the same way Disney has delved into Star Wars to create new stories from within the universe - Rogue One, Young Han Solo.

"The Wachowskis would have to be involved", he explained.

As for whether the Wachowskis will be involved or not, Warner Bros. wants their "OK" on moving ahead with the project. "They would have to write it and direct it", he told the site. The prospective reboot is reportedly only just beginning development, so it'll likely be while before we get any concrete news about it.

There is no set date for production and, like the planned Matrix television show past year, could still be canceled. Creed star Michael B. Jordan is reportedly headlining the film.

It is unclear as to when production might begin, or if this report is even accurate at all.

  • Salvatore Jensen