Govt monitoring incidents of attacks on Indians in US: Sushma

The minister was making a statement in Lok Sabha, where she made an appearance for the first time after kidney transplant surgery.

The safety and security of Indians living overseas is a "top priority" for the government, foreign minister Sushma Swaraj said on Wednesday, her first remarks in Parliament on the growing racist attacks on foreigners, particularly in the United States.

Swaraj added that many top U.S. officials have also expressed their disgust at the racial attacks.

Sushma Swaraj told the House that probe is on in the United States to ascertain if the incidents involving Patel and Rai were also hate crimes.

Swaraj also said that she immediately got in touch with the victims and their families; and quoted a letter from the wife of Srinivas Kuchibhotla appreciating the "timely" help by the Indian mission in the US. There have been three incidents of shooting against Indians in the US. She said, people-to-people contacts are the foundation on which the India-US strategic partnership has been built.

The minister also quoted a letter written by Kuchibhotla's wife to Indian Ambassador to the U.S. appreciating all the help extended to her.

The senior BJP leader repeatedly assured the parliament that the safety and security of Indians overseas is the utmost priority of the NDA government and added, "Even the prime minister who was busy campaigning for the elections kept track of the work done by the ministry to help those affected by racial attacks".

Harnish Patel, another Indian was killed 10 days ago in SC.

  • Leroy Wright