Google Has A New UI In Testing For Search On Android

Devices that the child uses with Family Link will need to have Android Nougat or higher to function.

In order to use Family Link and its parental control features, you'll have to set your child up with a brand-new Google account.

Manage apps: Parents can approve or block apps their kid (s) want to download from the Google Play Store. The app is US-only for the time being, as is so often the case.

Family Link has a few usage limitations for now.

You can now request an invitation to the Family Link early access program. Once you've got it installed on your device, you can set up a Google Account for your child in the app, then sign them into their new device using that account. From there, child account management works much like it does with other parental controls systems, like Microsoft Family.

All of these options are aimed at allowing parents to control and manage their kids' Google accounts as long as they're under 13.

In addition to the recent searches being separated out for the tab categories that they fit under, in tabs like the one for images, you can see popular searches as well, and under the maps tab you'll see various categories like gas stations, restaurants, coffee, bars, hotels and more. Reports show usage on weekly and monthly increments. That includes screen time, managing app availability, and even giving the device a bedtime.

Device bedtime: Parents can remotely lock the device their kid is using.

"We're just getting started, and we'll be asking parents using Family Link for feedback about how to improve the experience before we make the app broadly available", explained Pavni Diwanji, Google VP of engineering.

  • Arturo Norris