Donald Trump talks vehicle emissions in Detroit

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, which represents a dozen leading vehicle and truck manufacturers, recently called on the Trump administration to move away from what it called "the product of egregious procedural and substantive defects".

Last month, two groups representing automakers sent letters to EPA head Scott Pruitt asking for the standards to be reviewed. Companies including General Motors Co.

"We are going to ensure that any regulations we have protect and defend your jobs, your factories".

"We are about to have a historic fight", said Sen. "We need to address the root causes of climate change".

Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards were mandated by Congress in the mid-1970s. The automakers will now have until April of next year to debate what the fuel economy rules should be for 2022 through 2025.

A year ago the administration speedily conducted that review, coming up with a final decision that the industry would easily be able to meet the stricter standards.

"We are going to pull back the EPA determination, spend another year looking at data and make sure everything is right", a White House spokesman said in advance of today's announcement, which President Trump will make while at a rally in MI today, reports the Consumerist.

"It's clear now that Donald Trump was lying when he promised every family in MI would have less expensive but better health care", he said.

Sources have told Bloomberg that Trump will meet with automotive executives Wednesday and is likely toannounce a reconsideration of the EPA's fuel economy standards. The official spoke on condition of anonymity at a White House briefing in order to outline the action, despite the president's criticism of the use of unnamed sources.

The Environmental Protection Agency ignored "a voluminous record of data" when it determined earlier this year that the regulations were appropriate, and the agency plans to formally rescind that decision on Wednesday, the official said. If the EPA does put a hold on the emissions and fuel economy rules, the only people to get the short end of the stick will be consumers.

Former EPA officials and environmental groups have decried the reversal, pointing out that carmakers had previously complained about fuel efficiency standards only to easily meet the requirements due to the evolution of technology.

"This change makes no sense", the Natural Resources Defense Council said in its own statement.

The Union of Concerned Scientists has also noted (pdf) that that the standards "will reduce America's oil consumption, save consumers money at the gas pump, and protect public health and the environment by curbing global warming pollution".

The president is also scheduled to travel to Nashville, Tennessee, where he'll lay a wreath at President Andrew Jackson's tomb at the Hermitage to mark what would have been Jackson's 250th birthday.

Then, the president posted about rapper Snoop Dogg, seen in a music video firing a toy gun at a man wearing clown makeup and dressed as Trump. Jackson has enjoyed something of a resurgence thanks to Trump.

  • Joanne Flowers