Dominican Republic vs. Puerto Rico

Dominican manager Tony Pena, meanwhile, said a WBC loss was inevitable but hardly signals his team's demise in this year's tournament: "One of these days it was bound to happen".

Baseball fans can WATCH THE PUERTO RICO VS.

Some of MLB's finest were shown the spotlight in tonight's rematch.

"I want to focus on this year and do a better job in the first half, try to throw 200 innings". Dempster was charged with three runs on three walks and two hits.

St. Louis Cardinals catcher, Yadier Molina called a masterful game for Puerto Rico. Or his solo home run that made it 3-1 in the first place.

Santana finished 0-for-4 and stranded six runners on base.

After Molina threw out Nelson Cruz trying to steal second to end the eighth, Molina again jumped for joy and the infielders practically skipped off the field. He placed a flawless tag on Jean Segura who was trying to score on a fly ball, completing an inning-ending double play. A statistic Molina knows first hand, becuase he has played in each of the four WBC's, since 2006. Puerto Rico have outscored opponents, 29-7, in pool play, while the Dominican Republic produced seven or more runs in each of their first-round wins.

So what does this mean for both teams? They and Japan, playing in Pool E in Tokyo, are the only remaining unbeaten teams in the tournament. Tomorrow Venezuela takes on Team USA at 6:00 PM. Puerto Rico will face off with the United States in another largely anticipated matchup on Friday night at 7:00 PM PT.

The World Baseball Classic is in full swing and in case anyone was wondering, it has been incredible.

  • Julie Sanders