Courthouse Bombing in Damascus Leaves over 30 Syrians Dead

The report also says the Syrian air force committed another war crime by bombing a complex of schools in rebel-held Idlib province in October - something for which the government also denied responsibility.

The bomber set off his explosive device after the police tried to stop him from entering the building.

The bombing took place inside the Justice Palace, located near the famous and crowded Hamidiyeh market in Damascus. Today marks the sixth anniversary of the Syrian civil war.

The attack occurred inside the Palace of Justice, a courthouse in central Damascus, state media said.

Special sources told SANA reporter that the bomber was being chased, along with two other terrorists, by the authorities.

No group has said yet that it carried out the attack.

Last Saturday, a twin bombing in the capital killed 74 people and was claimed by Fateh al-Sham Front, the former Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria.

Isis has also launched terror attacks in government, rebel and Kurdish-controlled areas of Syria, as well as increasingly using vehicle bombs to defend its shrinking territory. "He forced himself among a crowd of civilians", the minister said. In December, Turkey and Russian Federation brokered a ceasefire so civilians could be evacuated from eastern Aleppo, though the agreement faltered after just a single day.

  • Leroy Wright