Audio of Paul Ryan Released by Breitbart

The GOP's Obamacare replacement bill is already wildly unpopular, and party leadership is passing the blame like a hot potato. Ryan is nearly certainly right that if they fail to pass repeal, the GOP base will be disgusted with its leaders. The bill's failure to completely abolish Obamacare will make the "death spiral" of sicker enrollees and increasing premiums even worse, opponents say. And his legislative majority in both houses of Congress is thin and dominated by the right. Breitbart News, where White House senior strategist, Stephen Bannon, was the executive editor until joining the Trump campaign, has long vilified Ryan but has recently doubled down on its attacks on the Speaker.

In this scenario, they pass the bill, and what everyone who knows anything about health care is predicting does indeed come true.

The website released audio of Ryan on a call with House Republicans from back in October, just after the leak of the infamous "grab her by the p--" remark by then-candidate Donald Trump. Now that we have our score from the CBO, that's something we were waiting for. Mike Lee and Sarah Palin lambasting "Ryancare" and supporting Trump.

Senator Rand Paul, a leading opponent of the AHCA who coined the nickname "Obamacare Lite", made his case on Fox News last week.

Is this really what Trump and Republicans ran on, as Ryan claims? The outlet was quick to dub the House bill "Ryancare" and has published an endless string of articles criticizing the bill and its writers. The legislation - which doesn't have universal Republican support - would use tax credits to help consumers buy health coverage, expand health savings accounts, phase out an expansion of Medicaid and cap that program for the future, end some requirements for health plans under President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act, and scrap a number of taxes.

Despite his fierce opposition to Trump during the election, Ryan has openly supported Trump since Inauguration Day.

During his campaign, Trump repeatedly promised the he would repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better. It is a created to give a massive tax cut to the wealthiest Americans.

A report by the Congressional Budget Office released on Monday shows that 14 million people will lose their insurance coverage by next year, and 24 million will be out in the cold by 2026.

The Trump administration's mad scramble to defend the Republican healthcare proposal that no one likes continued over the weekend, as Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price and his folksy accent appeared on Meet the Press to explain why Trumpcare's plan to take healthcare away from poor people will actually be good for healthcare. As a result of this, Medicaid also will be led to the slaughter pen.

  • Leroy Wright