Samsung to start the foldable phone production this year

This will reportedly follow an unveiling of the phone in NY on March 29th - a date we've already seen reported by other sources. As such, it won't come as surprise if it soon becomes the first OEM to produce foldable smartphones. Recent reports suggest that numerous Chinese display panel makers are also now committing more resources to their efforts of developing a prototype of a foldable smartphone panel.

According to industries on the 13th, Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display have set a goal of releasing prototype of foldable Smartphone in this third quarter in order to verify quality of foldable Smartphone by producing thousands of prototypes. Samsung Display, meanwhile, will obviously provide flexible OLED screens to Samsung for the foldable phone.

As for when we'll be able to see one of Samsung's foldable phone prototypes, speculations point to this year's IFA exhibition in Berlin, Germany. According to ETNews, this did happen, although only a few select mobile network providers were reportedly given an opportunity to see it.

The new report from ET News also claims that LG's next flagship, the G6, will go on sale on March 10th.

Samsung has been teasing its foldable display technology for years.

It sounds like Samsung is following the same strategy it employed with Edge displays. Although there might be needs for investments on additional production lines when official mass-production and amount of supply are decided in the future, it is heard that now there are not any problems regarding supply of foldable panels for prototypes. But what seems to be forcing Samsung to hurry its pace of release is the fact that many Chinese panel manufacturers are also working on their way of producing prototype of foldable displays. Since China is a late starter in both display and Smartphone industries, it can become a leading country in displays and Smartphones by securing "world's first foldable Smartphone" title. The main reason for the delay is said to be technical issues involving a key component of foldable smartphones. Samsung is reportedly looking to manufacture thousands of prototypes of foldable handsets by the end of the third quarter of the year and is looking to conduct more internal tests to find out whether the average consumer is even interested in owning such a device.

  • Arturo Norris